The purpose of this site is to introduce and discuss new research on the relation between psychology and physics. A new mind-body theory called psychobiophysics is being researched and developed by Alan Haas, Ph.D., A.L.M. He also currently manages the site.

You will find many interesting research articles available on the research forum. These articles are published in journals that are on the frontier of science on topics such as the relation of quantum physics to psychology, mindfulness, and transpersonal psychology. haas2012In addition to experimental mindfulness and synchronicity research, Dr. Haas offers a unique interpretation of physical phenomena and their relation to the mind. The approach differs from others, such as popular ideas about quantum mechanics and consciousness. For example, other approaches may attempt to relate specific microscopic quantum mechanical effects to psychology via special directly mediated effects. These effects are often not likely to be real. The theory of psychobiophysics, however, attempts to explain how physical and biochemical forces produce actual macroscopic experiences in the mind and behavior that can be quantified. For example, behaviors and emotional states can potentially be represented as net charged states. Thus, a goal of psychobiophysics is to explain how physical principles can become a foundation for a better understanding of important aspects of consciousness, psychology, and interactive behavior.