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These articles introduce the ideas and concepts behind psychobiophysics.

Some articles describe how psychology can be modeled using electromagnetic principles in a realistic way. Other articles focus on clarifying misconceptions about the relation of quantum mechanics to the mind. Most of the articles focus on how to correctly apply physical principles to the mind and behavior. Our most recent experimental study is the most practical and accessible because it shows how mindfulness can increase interpersonal synchronicity and happiness.

Topics for discussion:

Topic I (2011): Psychobiophysics and the Superego, Ego, and Id

Topic II (2012): The Role of Physics in Consciousness: Direct “Spooky” Quantum Mechanical Connections or Real Psychology and Physical Science?

Topic III (2013): Mindfulness, Interpersonal Synchronicity, and Psychobiophysics

Topic IV (2018): Music and Psychobiophysics



The Interpretation of Telepathy-like Effects: A Novel Electromagnetic and Synchronistic Version of the Psychoanalytic Model; Neuroquantology March 2011PDF

The Discovery of Quantum Tunneling in Biological Electron Transfer and the Possibility of a Redox-like Mechanism of Mind; Neuroquantology (September 2011PDF.

Part 2 of the Interconnectedness of Reality (adapted for journal publication; original version can be read in the book)- The Nature of the Relation Between Psychology and Physics: An Argument for a Central Role of Electromagnetism in Thought and Behavior; Neuroquantology December 2011

On a Physical Scientific Approach to Transpersonal Psychology; International Journal of Transpersonal Psychology (IJTS) published January 2012 in 2011 editionPDF)

A Brain Charge Mechanim Modeled in Synchronistic Dyadic Interpersonal Interaction September 2012 PDF or Neuroquantology.

Haas, A. S. & Langer, E. J. Mindful Attraction and Synchronization: Mindfulness and Regulation of Interpersonal Synchronicity 2014 PDF or Neuroquantology